To request support, you would simply call the office or email BenITech support team on

Support would be carried out in 3 ways:

  • Telephone Support
  • Remote Support
  • On-Site Support

Telephone support is basically for simple questions or problems, BenITech technicians will guide staff through solving your issue!

Remote support is when you are having a complex issue, BenITech technicians will instantly connect directly to your PC and repair it for you.

On-Site support, should your computers go down / network go down, BenITech technicians would be unable to connect remotely and therefore would come on-site to repair the problem. BenITech support team will call to arrange a time. This will be done within 4 hours of when the problem is reported to BenITech.

Whatever your location, using remote technology we can access your systems.

To start a remote support session, please do the following:

Click the download link below.

Open or Save the download.

When the file opens, it will bring an ID and Password box. Give this information to your technician.