EPoS Till System

EPoS Systems, provide a fast and efficient way of dealing with customers. They handle the calculations involved in sales (totals and change), issue receipts - these have historically been the main function of normal tills. EPoS systems, do this and a lot more. They can integrate directly with credit card payment systems, keep track of stock levels and of course keep track of customer information. The ability to manage stock and CRM (customer relationship management) allows EPoS systems to make a measurable difference to the bottom line. Both in terms of time saved and of in highlighting opportunities and also weaknesses in a business.

For example, an EPoS system in retail store, will assist in stock management – helping to highlight stock levels of top performing products so you can ensure you have adequate supplies. At the same time, it might also show product lines that are not doing so well. Your EPoS system records a tremendous amount of information about your business – allowing you to make decisions with the benefit of the latest sales and stock information.

An EPoS system comprises of computer hardware, peripherals and EPoS software ideally suited to the point of sales environment. An EPoS system can support data entry through many different devices such as computer keyboards, touchscreen monitors and barcode scanners. EPoS systems allow a tremendous amount of flexibility to choose hardware and peripherals suited to the environment. For example, in environments with very high demands like in a supermarket – EPoS can be configured to work with multi line barcode scanners, ensuring pricing accuracy and allowing cashiers to provide fast, efficient service for customers. In other environments such as restaurants the use of touchscreen monitors provides the best solution.

The other facet of EPoS systems is the EPoS software that they use. This can also be heavily customised to a variety of different environments. This allows businesses to buy EPoS systems that are suited to their business. This software can constantly be recording sales, updating stock levels, providing accurate pricing information while also helping to provide a fast and efficient service to customers. The ability to keep track of sales, taxes, stock and CRM automatically, ensures that cashiers can concentrate on providing the best possible customer experience.