it-servicesBenITech services, delivering security, mobility and productivity. We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled levels of both expertise and service. We provide a wide range of solutions for all size companies, from the five-user office to the large global enterprise, across all sectors. Our extensive and varied experience allows us to offer our clients a wide range of systems and services which maximizes efficiency, increases productivity and delivers security, while also being cost-effective and adding real business value. Our range of services includes:

Network Installation and Management - We provide ICT infrastructure solutions for the management and the support of your network, servers and computers. Unless your switching infrastructure is able to cope with demand, increasing network traffic is only likely to result in poorer performance, affecting productivity and irritating users. We can help you review capacity and then implement a switching infrastructure solution to deliver intelligent, secure, reliable access for users to the network and the businesses critical information and applications necessary for their work.

IT Management Solution - One of the most important decisions you have to make is which Remote IT Management solution to use for your business. We offer a fast, friendly, reliable and professional service through our IT consultants and IT support technicians both for home users and business. Remote management solutions have to be functional and secure. We ensure confidentiality of your data together with integrity for any transmitted data. With our Remote IT Management service you will add value to the way you manage your infrastructure equipment. Operational and maintenance costs will be reduced; security and access will be enhanced.

IT Support - The IT Support we offer can accomplish various tasks such as: Install, configure & patch your computer system with the latest windows updates, Carry out full system reports, online backup for the important data of your business, upgrades, system repairs, all performed by expert IT consultants and technicians. There are Internet and Intranet Solutions we can offer for all business users. You can reduce your IT costs by using our remote computer support service, and for a cost effective business model such a strategy is proven to be successful. Users of our services will be able to focus on their primary area of interest to develop their business and let us handle the IT support they need. Using our services for On-site Hardware & Software Support you will quickly overcome any interruptions of your normal business day. Typical IT support services we offer include Network Security, Computer Support, IT Support, Computer Services, IT Solutions, IT Management, Wireless Network Maintenance, Microsoft Support, Software Support and Data Recovery.

Data Recovery - Computer data recovery can be a tricky business, usually requiring the help of hard drive data recovery experts. We’re committed to recovering your data as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Last year, we regularly recovered data from media that other data recovery companies said was impossible.

Website Design/Hosting - BenITech can host and create your website. This service comes with a control panel to update your website at any time. We provide email addresses as well as monthly reports on website traffic.

Online Backup – What is the most valuable thing in a company? The answer is its data. What's the most neglecting thing in a company? The answer is again data! We have the online backup solutions that fit your needs. You won't have to worry about security and back up issues.